Effective, affordable way to charge your tech devices while traveling

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It’s no secret that we love our technology here, from our smartphones to our tablets to our portable gaming gear and beyond. Even our two-year-old has her iPhone – it’s an old model that we retired and she adopted. As technology becomes more portable and convenient, I find that we become more reliant upon it. Before heading to events such as BlogHer this month, the first thoughts that come to mind is which tech toys are coming with me!

Travel charger that charges two tech devices

My second thought is how to maintain power to all of my tech toys. The key is size, portability, ease of use and the ability to charge multiple devices – iPhones, laptops, my Android – all of it. It all needs juice! Portable device chargers anywhere are a necessity; they’re like crack at events like BlogHer. The pocket-sized IOGEAR GearPower might be one of the best accessories for your tech needs.

IOGEAR travel charger

Cost-effective and powerful tech device charging

The GearPower 7k ($59.95) is both cost effective and powerful. It will fast-charge an iPad, smartphone, MP3 player, digital camera, portable gaming system and more – and it will charge two devices at the same time! It has a whopping 7,000Ah capacity so even your most power-hungry devices get the boost they need to keep running throughout your day.

  • Built-in short-circuit, over-charge, and temperature protection
  • Includes Micro USB charging cable compatible with most smart phones
  • Includes USB wall charger and convenient carry pouch



There is also a more cost-effective option, the GearPower 2K ($29.95) is smaller than a deck of cards and will charge most smartphones or portable media players to full capacity with power to spare. For the ultimate power-on-the-go, get crazy with the GearPower 10k, the mother of all charging devices with an impressive 11,000 mAh!

To find out more about IOGEAR products, you can visit them online or follow them on Twitter and on Facebook.

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