Samsung Galaxy S4 review – what is the switch from an iPhone like?

In our Samsung Galaxy S4 review, I share my experience switching to the Samsung Galaxy S4 from the iPhone 4, a phone I had for a long time. Is the change from iPhone to Android that different and is it worth the switch?

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I tolerated my first smart phone, a very capability stunted Blackberry, for a long time. It was my first smart phone and it didn’t help that it was with a horrible service provider. When I switched to Verizon two years ago and purchased my first iPhone – the now practically extinct iPhone 4 – I was pleased with the service upgrade and thrilled with technologically advanced upgrade.

Par for the course with iPhones, as soon as I purchased the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S came and was followed soon by the iPhone 5. Already, I was six centuries behind in ‘tech years.’ I suddenly felt like I was just one of over 1 billion sheep and it further encouraged my feelings of being technologically stunted. It was time for a change, a drastic change; I decided to make the switch to the new Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4 review

I watched the Samsung Galaxay S4 product announcement webcast with great excitement. I counted down the days until it hit the US market and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review it for the blog. However, what began as a review turned into must-have and the S4 replaced my iPhone quicker than you can say Apple.

iPhone vs. Samsung Galaxy S4

While I realize that my old iPhone 4 isn’t the newest technology, and therefore it could be argued that the comparison is unfair, there aren’t as many differences in the technology between iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 as Apple would like you to believe. The basics are the same.

Screen and applications

The obvious larger screen size with Galaxy S4 is preferred if you’re like me and often work from your phone. As a blogger, I need to access emails, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and a myriad of other applications with which the larger screen was made more convenient. In fact, about a month of use with the Samsung Galaxy S4, I picked up the iPhone to check on a received message and I felt like Alice in Wonderland after she’d taken the pill that made her larger than the objects around her; it was so tiny and, for lack of a better word, cute at best.

Speaking of applications, there have yet to be any that I’ve not found that either don’t work well or aren’t available on the Android platform.

The 1920 x 1080 pixels on the S4 beats the 960 x 640 pixels of the iPhone 4 and even the sharp 1136 x 640 pixels of the iPhone 5. The display of the iPhone is brighter, but I found that the S4 is far more colorful and richer. The external speaker on the S4 is far more powerful and the keyboard has a dedicate number row, unlike the iPhone.

iPhone camera vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 camera

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone

This is an important feature for bloggers or anyone with kids.  The S4 has preset capabilities that the iPhone has yet to add. The 13MP camera on the S4 has far more detail that the 8MP on the iPhone (or the 5mp shown here with which the iPhone 4 is equipped). This was a huge draw for for me because I use it to take photos for my blog and of my kids and I like the additional features on the S4 such as Drama Shot and Eraser Mode.

As a consistent iPhone user for a few years, the switch was difficult but worth it. I did have an advantage having owned a Samsung Galaxy Camera as the interface is much the same as the S4. I’m thrilled I made the switch and haven’t looked back since.



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  1. Kristin says

    I am an avid Apple user…but I have to admit that this phone is VERY tempting. And your review isn’t helping. LOL. It’s basically just the cost at this point (especially since I’m about a year away from an upgrade…boo!).

  2. Dawn says

    I had an iPhone for a short time (until it broke) and now have an outdated android. I have always planned on another iPhone, but your review has me thinking I REALLY want the S4!!!

    • Mom says

      Stick with the S4, Dawn, if for nothing else than the way-too-many-updates issues with the iPhone. That got old for me quickly. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Stacey says

    Thank you so much for your information. I’m so relieved to be reading this as just today, I was at the phone store thinking that I was the only person in the universe w/out an iphone. I’ve really been contemplating a Samsung S4. Thank You!

  4. allison says

    I switched from the iPhone 5 to the galaxy s4. I’m so happy I did. It’s so customizable from text messages to different fonts. I Love it. Like you, I held my iPhone after purchasing and switching and it felt so weird. Almost as if it was an mp3 player. Haven’t regretted it since.