7 Ways Your Family Can Have Fun On Earth Day Earthday

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Earth Day is April 22 and was created in 1970 when many realized that the environment was in danger and changes needed to be made. Each year, it’s a great time to remind ourselves about the importance of small or large steps to save our planet, such as recycling, reducing gas usage, more public awareness for public health, and more.

It’s also a great time to teach our kids that even small steps toward being greener can be fun! Check out these 7 awesome ways that your family can have fun on Earth Day.

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Candy Sprout Dirt Cupcakes – These cupcakes are served in mini terra cotta pots and look just like plants, except your kids will love to eat them!

Earth Day Kids Craft: Plant Fertilizer Sand Art – based on sand bottle art, this craft creatively reuses baby food jars and a recipe for earth-friendly plant fertilizer!

Earth Day Popsicle Recipe – not only is this a delicious and fun craft, but it resembles planet Earth!

Earth Day Cookies – how cute are these? They’re fun to make and you can pretend you’re a giant and eat Earth (because, I mean, who’s never pretended to do that?)

Make Pots From Newspaper – I’ve seen a way to make these with a special tool you can purchase, but this site shows how to make them using a recyclable soup can. 

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Eat Dirt & Worms on Earth Day – while it looks like something you’d tell your kids not to eat, this Earth Day, everything about this delicious treat is edible (except the container).

Birch Bark Flower Vases – I love these because they’re a great way to use cut flowers from your yard and are perfect for birthdays, weddings, or other special occasions – even a dinner party!


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