Do Men Go To Baby Showers?

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Yes, men increasingly attend baby showers, reflecting changing societal norms around fatherhood and family roles. While traditionally women-centric, many couples now opt for “co-ed” showers, inviting friends and family of all genders to celebrate the upcoming birth together. This shift emphasizes the importance of shared parenting and inclusivity in family events.

 Baby Showers

Do Men Go To Baby Showers?

The baby shower, a celebration marking the impending arrival of a new baby, has traditionally been a women-only affair. This event, deeply rooted in various cultures and histories, was typically an opportunity for experienced mothers to share wisdom and gifts with the expectant mother. However, as societal norms and perceptions of family roles have evolved, the modern baby shower has undergone a significant transformation. Today, the question isn’t so much “Do men go to baby showers?” as it is “Why wouldn’t they?”

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Historical Perspectives and the Shift Towards Inclusivity

Historically, baby showers in Western societies were exclusive to women, partly due to the gendered division of parenting roles. These events were not only about gifting necessary items for the baby but also served as a rite of passage for women transitioning into motherhood. Men, meanwhile, were often relegated to the role of the provider and were less involved in the intimate details of parenting and childbirth.

In recent decades, however, there’s been a conscious move towards more inclusive practices. This shift reflects broader changes in how societies view parenting roles, gender equality, and family dynamics. Fathers today are more involved in prenatal care, childbirth, and parenting than ever before. Consequently, the idea of excluding men from baby showers feels outdated to many.

Co-ed Baby Showers: A Celebration for All

Co-ed baby showers have become increasingly popular, mirroring the shift towards more equal parenting roles. These events welcome guests of all genders, allowing fathers-to-be, male friends, and family members to participate in the celebration. The inclusion of men in baby showers not only acknowledges their role in parenting but also fosters a sense of community support for the expectant couple.

Co-ed showers often feature activities and themes that appeal to a wider audience, breaking away from the stereotypically feminine motifs of the past. Games, food, and decorations cater to diverse tastes, making the celebration more inclusive and enjoyable for everyone involved. This approach reinforces the idea that raising a child is a collective effort, one that transcends traditional gender roles.

Changing Perceptions and the Role of Men in Prenatal Celebrations

As men become more involved in baby showers, it’s crucial to recognize the impact of this participation on changing perceptions of fatherhood and family. Men attending baby showers are a visible sign of their commitment to being active, present parents from the outset. It challenges outdated stereotypes and encourages a more holistic view of what it means to be a father.

Furthermore, the presence of men at baby showers can serve as an educational opportunity. These events can be moments for sharing knowledge and experiences about parenting, not just from mother to mother but across genders. They can help dispel anxieties about fatherhood and promote a more unified approach to raising children.

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Navigating Challenges and Embracing New Traditions

Despite the growing popularity of co-ed baby showers, some may still face resistance due to lingering traditional beliefs or personal preferences. Organizing a baby shower that feels comfortable and enjoyable for everyone requires sensitivity and creativity. It’s essential to communicate openly with all guests about the event’s nature, ensuring that everyone feels welcome and included.

In this evolving tradition, there’s ample room for innovation and personalization. Couples can tailor their baby shower to reflect their unique values and relationships, whether that means a large, co-ed celebration or a more intimate gathering with close family and friends. The focus is on support, love, and excitement for the new addition to the family, regardless of the format.

men go to baby showers

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Do men go to baby showers?

Yes, men increasingly attend baby showers, reflecting a shift towards more inclusive celebrations. These events welcome guests of all genders, allowing everyone to partake in the joy and preparation for the new arrival, breaking away from the traditional women-only gatherings.

Do guys go to baby showers?

Yes, guys frequently attend baby showers, particularly as more couples choose co-ed celebrations. This shift allows friends and family of all genders to support and celebrate the upcoming birth, highlighting the evolving roles in parenting and the inclusive nature of modern baby showers.

Do men typically go to baby showers?

While historically baby showers were predominantly attended by women, it has become more common for men to attend. The modern trend is towards co-ed showers, where men, including friends and family of the expectant parents, are invited to join in the celebration.

Do dads come to baby shower?

Yes, dads often attend baby showers, especially co-ed ones designed to celebrate both parents. Their presence underscores the importance of shared parenting responsibilities and supports a more inclusive approach to welcoming a new family member.

Who normally attends a baby shower?

Traditionally, baby showers were attended by women close to the expectant mother. However, nowadays, anyone significant to the parents-to-be, including family members and friends of all genders, is likely to be invited, reflecting more diverse and inclusive family and social dynamics.

What to do with guys during baby shower?

During a baby shower, guys can participate in all activities, from games to gift-giving. Organizers might consider incorporating more gender-neutral games and themes to ensure everyone feels included and engaged, emphasizing the celebration’s communal spirit over traditional gender roles.


The question of whether men go to baby showers reflects broader societal changes in understanding gender, parenting, and community. The increasing inclusion of men in these celebrations is a positive trend, signaling a move towards more egalitarian family structures and shared parenting responsibilities. Baby showers, in their essence, are about preparing for and celebrating new life. As such, they offer a unique opportunity to challenge old stereotypes and embrace a more inclusive approach to family and community support. The evolution of the baby shower from a women-only event to a celebration for all is a testament to the ongoing changes in societal norms and values, making it a richer, more inclusive experience for everyone involved.


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