Doja Cat Parents, Age, Height, Ethnicity, Ex Boyfriends, Wigs, Net Worth

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Doja Cat’s parents are Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer and Dumisani Dlamini. Doja Cat, born Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, is a renowned American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Her parents, Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer and Dumisani Dlamini, have significantly influenced her artistic journey. Deborah, a Jewish-American painter, and Dumisani, a South African actor and composer, provided a creative environment that shaped Doja Cat’s multifaceted talents. Despite her father’s absence during her upbringing, her mother’s influence and support were pivotal in her development as an artist.

Personal Overview

Doja Cat

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Full NameAmala Ratna Zandile Dlamini
NicknameDoja Cat
Date of BirthOctober 21, 1995
Age as of 202428 years
EthnicityMixed (Black and Caucasian)
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California, USA
HometownBeverly Hills, California, USA
Height5’3″ (1.60 m)
Parents NameDeborah Elizabeth Sawyer, Dumisani Dlamini
Father NameDumisani Dlamini
Mother NameDeborah Elizabeth Sawyer
Net Worth 2024$8 million
Sister / BrotherBrother: Raman Dalithando Dlamini

Who is Doja Cat?

Doja Cat, born Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, is a prominent American rapper, singer, and songwriter known for her eclectic music style and viral social media presence. She gained initial fame with her novelty song “Mooo!” and has since released several successful albums, including Hot Pink and Planet Her. Her unique blend of hip-hop, pop, and R&B, along with her vibrant personality, has made her a standout figure in the music industry.

Doja Cat Parents

Mother: Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer is a Jewish-American painter and visual artist. She played a crucial role in nurturing Doja Cat’s artistic talents, exposing her to a variety of musical influences such as Erykah Badu, John Coltrane, and Earth, Wind & Fire. Deborah’s creative background and support were instrumental in Doja Cat’s early development, enrolling her in performing arts schools and encouraging her musical pursuits.

Father: Dumisani Dlamini

Dumisani Dlamini is a South African actor, composer, and film producer, best known for his role in the musical Sarafina!. Despite his successful career, Dumisani was largely absent from Doja Cat’s life, having returned to South Africa after a brief stay in the U.S. Doja Cat has expressed mixed feelings about their relationship, noting that they have had limited interaction over the years.

Doja Cat’s Personal Life


Doja Cat was born on October 21, 1995, making her 28 years old as of 2024.


Doja Cat stands at 5’3″ (1.60 m), a height that complements her dynamic stage presence.


Doja Cat dated indie rock musician Jawny from August 2019 to February 2020. She has also hinted at her bisexuality in interviews, adding to the intrigue surrounding her personal life.


As of 2024, Doja Cat is not married and has not publicly disclosed any current romantic relationships.


Doja Cat is of mixed ethnicity, with a South African Zulu father and a Jewish-American mother, giving her a rich cultural heritage.


Doja Cat is known for her bold and ever-changing hairstyles, often wearing wigs to experiment with different looks and styles, adding to her unique public persona.

Net Worth

As of 2024, Doja Cat’s net worth is estimated to be around $8 million, accumulated through her successful music career and various endorsements.

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Doja Cat Education

Doja Cat attended performing arts schools in Los Angeles, where she studied ballet, tap, and jazz. Despite her early interest in the arts, she struggled with ADHD and eventually dropped out of high school at 16 to focus on her music career. Her self-taught skills and dedication to her craft have been pivotal in her rise to fame.

Doja Cat Career

Doja Cat Career

Doja Cat’s career began with the viral success of her song “Mooo!” in 2018. She released her debut album Amala the same year, followed by the critically acclaimed Hot Pink in 2019, which included the hit single “Say So.” Her third album, Planet Her, solidified her status as a major artist. Known for her genre-blending music and vibrant online presence, Doja Cat continues to be a significant figure in contemporary music.

FAQs: Doja Cat Parents

Who are Doja Cat’s parents?

Doja Cat’s parents are Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer, a Jewish-American painter, and Dumisani Dlamini, a South African actor and composer.

What is the relationship between Doja Cat and her father?

Doja Cat has had limited interaction with her father, Dumisani Dlamini, who returned to South Africa when she was young. She has expressed mixed feelings about their relationship.

How did Doja Cat’s mother influence her career?

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer exposed Doja Cat to various musical genres and enrolled her in performing arts schools, significantly shaping her artistic development.

What is Dumisani Dlamini known for?

Dumisani Dlamini is best known for his role in the musical Sarafina! and has had a successful career as an actor, composer, and film producer in South Africa.

Does Doja Cat have any siblings?

Yes, Doja Cat has a brother named Raman Dalithando Dlamini, who has been involved in legal issues with their family.

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Doja Cat’s parents, Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer and Dumisani Dlamini have played significant roles in her life, albeit in different ways. While her mother provided a nurturing and creative environment, her father’s absence has been a complex aspect of her personal history. Despite these challenges, Doja Cat has emerged as a successful and influential artist, drawing from her diverse cultural background and unique experiences.


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