Errol Barnett Parents, Age, Height, Ethnicity, Wife, Sister, Girlfriend, Net Worth

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Errol Barnett’s parents are Michael Christie and Pamela. Errol Barnett is a prominent British-born American journalist known for his work as an anchor and national correspondent for CBS News. Born to Michael Christie and Pamela, Barnett’s early life was marked by a multicultural heritage and significant family influences. His mother, Pamela, is of English descent, while his father, Michael Christie, has Jamaican roots. This diverse background has played a crucial role in shaping Barnett’s identity and career.

Personal Overview

Errol Barnett
Full NameErrol Barnett
Date of BirthApril 3, 1983
Age as of 202441 years
EthnicityMixed (English, German, Jamaican)
NationalityBritish, American
Birth PlaceMilton Keynes, England
HometownPhoenix, Arizona, USA
Height5 feet 8 inches (approx.)
Parents NameMichael Christie, Pamela
Father NameMichael Christie
Mother NamePamela
Net Worth 2024Estimated $1 million
Sister / BrotherSister: Natalie (deceased), Brother: Danny
Wife/HusbandAriana Tolbert

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Who is Errol Barnett?

Errol Barnett is an Emmy-award-winning journalist and the first Black British broadcaster on American television. He currently serves as an anchor and national correspondent for CBS News, based in New York City. Barnett has a rich career history, having worked for CNN International and covered significant global events, including the Arab Spring and the death of Nelson Mandela. His reporting spans over two decades and five continents, making him a well-respected figure in journalism.

Errol Barnett Parents

Mother: Pamela

Pamela, Errol Barnett’s mother, is of English descent and hails from Liverpool, England. She played a significant role in Barnett’s upbringing, especially after the family moved to the United States. Pamela’s life was marked by challenges, including the loss of her daughter Natalie and her subsequent battle with depression. Despite these hardships, she remained a pivotal figure in Barnett’s life, supporting his early interests in journalism.

Father: Michael Christie

Michael Christie, Barnett’s father, has Jamaican roots and was part of the Windrush generation. His father, Gladstone Christie, served in the British Royal Air Force during World War II. Michael’s heritage and experiences have significantly influenced Barnett’s multicultural identity. Although Barnett’s parents separated, Michael’s Jamaican heritage remains a vital part of Barnett’s background, contributing to his diverse cultural perspective.

Errol Barnett’s Personal Life


As of 2024, Errol Barnett is 41 years old, having been born on April 3, 1983.


Errol Barnett stands approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall, a height that complements his on-screen presence.


Barnett’s family includes his mother Pamela, his father Michael Christie, his older brother Danny, and his late sister Natalie.


Errol Barnett is married to Ariana Tolbert. The couple tied the knot in 2019 and share a life in New York City.


Barnett had an older sister named Natalie, who tragically passed away during his teenage years, a loss that deeply affected his family.


There is no public information about any past girlfriends of Errol Barnett before his marriage to Ariana Tolbert.


As of now, there is no public information indicating that Errol Barnett has any children.


Errol Barnett has a mixed ethnic background, comprising English, German, and Jamaican heritage.

Net Worth

As of 2024, Errol Barnett’s estimated net worth is around $1 million, accumulated through his successful journalism career.

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Errol Barnett Education

Errol Barnett attended Garden Lakes Elementary and Westview High School in Avondale, Arizona. He later pursued higher education at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science with a focus on international relations in 2008. His education laid a strong foundation for his career in journalism.

Errol Barnett Career

Errol Barnett began his journalism career at the age of 18 with Channel One News. He later joined CNN International, where he covered significant events like the Arab Spring and the death of Nelson Mandela. In 2016, Barnett joined CBS News, where he has reported on major stories, including the Trump administration and the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the transportation industry. His career is marked by numerous accolades and a commitment to impactful journalism.

Errol Barnett Career

FAQs: Errol Barnett Parents

Who are Errol Barnett’s parents?

Errol Barnett’s parents are Michael Christie and Pamela. Michael has Jamaican roots, while Pamela is of English descent.

What is the ethnic background of Errol Barnett’s parents?

Errol Barnett’s father, Michael Christie, is of Jamaican descent, and his mother, Pamela, is of English descent.

How did Errol Barnett’s parents influence his career?

Barnett’s multicultural background, influenced by his parents’ diverse heritage, has given him a unique perspective in his journalism career.

Did Errol Barnett’s parents support his career in journalism?

Yes, despite facing personal challenges, Barnett’s parents supported his early interests in journalism, which helped him pursue a successful career.

What challenges did Errol Barnett’s parents face?

Barnett’s parents faced several challenges, including the loss of their daughter Natalie and Pamela’s subsequent battle with depression.

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Errol Barnett’s parents, Michael Christie and Pamela, have played significant roles in shaping his life and career. Their diverse backgrounds and the challenges they faced have contributed to Barnett’s unique perspective as a journalist. Their support and influence have been pivotal in his journey to becoming a prominent figure in American television journalism.


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