Femi Adebayo Parents, Age, Wife, Brother, Siblings, Twins, Net Worth, Movies

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Femi Adebayo’s parents are Adebayo Salami and Risikat Ejide. Femi Adebayo is a prominent Nigerian actor, lawyer, and film producer, renowned in the Yoruba film industry. His parents, Adebayo Salami and Risikat Ejide are pivotal figures in his life. Adebayo Salami, better known by his stage name Oga Bello, is a legendary actor and filmmaker in the Nigerian entertainment industry, which immensely influenced Femi’s career path. His mother, Risikat Ejide, although less public, has been a steady source of support and inspiration, grounding Femi in strong family values and cultural heritage.

Personal Overview

Femi Adebayo
Full NameFemi Adebayo Salami
Date of BirthDecember 31, 1978
Age as of 202446
Birth PlaceLagos, Nigeria
HometownIlorin, Kwara State
Parents NameAdebayo Salami & Risikat Ejide
Father NameAdebayo Salami
Mother NameRisikat Ejide
Net Worth 2024Estimated at $2 million
Sister / BrotherTope Adebayo (brother)
Wife/HusbandOmotayo Maimunat Sanusi (wife)

Who is Femi Adebayo?

Femi Adebayo is a versatile figure in the Nigerian film industry, primarily known for his work in Yoruba language films. Beyond acting, Femi is a respected lawyer and film producer, who has played significant roles in both theatrical releases and television series. His charm and ability to portray complex characters have endeared him to audiences, making him a household name in Nigeria and among the diaspora.

Femi Adebayo Parents

Father: Adebayo Salami

Adebayo Salami, affectionately known as Oga Bello, is a stalwart in the Nigerian film industry. His career, spanning several decades, has significantly influenced contemporary Nigerian cinema. Salami’s dedication to the craft and his role as a mentor to upcoming actors, including his son Femi, has cemented his legacy as one of the pillars of Nollywood.

Mother: Risikat Ejide

Risikat Ejide is the matriarch of the Adebayo family, who has managed to keep a relatively low profile despite her family’s fame. Her supportive role in the background has been crucial in the stability and success of her children. She is celebrated within her family for her resilience and dedication to their upbringing.

Femi Adebayo Personal Life


As of 2024, Femi Adebayo is 46 years old, having been born on the last day of 1978.


Femi Adebayo is married to Omotayo Maimunat Sanusi. Their marriage has been highlighted in the media, especially during public appearances and family events.


Femi has several siblings, including his brother Tope Adebayo, who is also involved in the film industry, primarily as a director.


Femi Adebayo comes from a large family, deeply entrenched in the arts, with his siblings often collaborating in various entertainment projects.


The Adebayo family is well-regarded in the entertainment industry, with Femi’s father being a major influence on many actors in Nollywood.


There are no public records of Femi having twins. Any such information would need further verification.

Net Worth

As of 2024, Femi Adebayo’s estimated net worth is around $2 million, accrued from his successful acting and producing career.

Femi Adebayo Education

Femi Adebayo received a comprehensive education that solidified the foundation for his diverse career. He obtained his law degree from the University of Ilorin and later pursued a master’s degree in Law, further showcasing his commitment to education. His academic background has played a crucial role in managing his career in entertainment and law.

Femi Adebayo Career

Femi Adebayo Career

Femi Adebayo’s career in entertainment spans acting, producing, and legal advocacy. He first gained prominence in the Yoruba film sector and quickly rose to fame through roles that showcased his versatility and depth as an actor. Femi has also ventured into production, creating films that resonate with a wide audience, further establishing his footprint in Nollywood.


Femi Adebayo has starred in and produced numerous films, particularly in the Yoruba segment of Nollywood. His works often explore themes of cultural relevance and social issues.

FAQs: Femi Adebayo Parents

Who are Femi Adebayo’s parents?

Femi Adebayo’s parents are Adebayo Salami, a renowned Nigerian actor, and Risikat Ejide, who has played a significant role behind the scenes.

How has Femi Adebayo’s father influenced his career?

Adebayo Salami, Femi’s father, has been a monumental influence, guiding him through the intricacies of acting and film production.

What is known about Femi Adebayo’s mother?

Risikat Ejide is known for her supportive and nurturing nature, maintaining a private life despite her family’s public profile.

Are there any other notable figures in Femi Adebayo’s family?

Yes, his brother Tope Adebayo is also involved in the film industry as a director.

How does Femi Adebayo’s family background affect his public image?

His family’s involvement in the arts has bolstered Femi’s public image, portraying him as a legacy talent in Nollywood.


Femi Adebayo’s parents, Adebayo Salami and Risikat Ejide have played instrumental roles in shaping his career and personal life. Their influence is evident in his professional achievements and his dedication to both his craft and family. As Femi continues to make strides in the entertainment industry, the foundational values instilled by his parents remain a guiding force behind his enduring success.


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