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For a gift to be truly special, it has to be unique. I feel so strongly about that statement so when I give gifts, it’s from the heart. They’re usually personalized, but always personal in some way as to speak to the heart of the recipient. I’m always on the lookout for great gifts, and Prize Candles are one of those gifts that would excite anyone who receives it.

I was given a Prize Candle to facilitate my review, though all opinions are my own and were not influenced.

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What Is A Prize Candle?

A Prize Candle is a natural soy candle, available in 10 different scents, that contains rings valued up to $5,000. The 9 oz. candles are designed to burn up to 40 hours and the wicks are dipped in 100% cotton vegetable.

I certainly challenge you to wait the full 40 hours before fetching your prize ring, but I barely waited 2 hours before I grabbed a pair of needle-nose pliers to fish that bad boy out.

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I wasn’t crazy about the ring that I got – it’s not my style – but I suppose that’s what is awesome about Prize Candle; there are different sizes and styles so you’re sure to get one you love. Trade the ones you don’t or just appreciate that you have a very pleasant-smelling candle that is perfuming your home.

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There are other similar candles on the market – in fact, one of their competitors offers a 21 oz. candle for the same price – but if you like to switch scents frequently, as I do, then you’re just left with a bunch of jars of 1/4 full candle wax around the house. It’s all a matter of preference, for sure. You also don’t get the instant appraisal you’ll receive with your Prize Candle; with others, you’re stuck heading to the jewelry store to find out what your ring is worth.


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