Love After Lockup: Brittany and Marcelino Still Together?

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Brittany and Marcelino Santiago, stars of “Love After Lockup” and its spinoff “Life After Lockup,” have captivated audiences with their tumultuous yet inspiring journey. As of the latest updates, the couple has separated, marking a significant turn in their relationship.

Brittany and Marcelino’s Background

Brittany’s Past

Significant challenges have marked Brittany Dodd’s life. She ran away from home at age 12 to escape abuse and by 15, she had given birth to two children, who were later adopted due to her struggles with substance abuse. Brittany’s legal troubles began early, leading to multiple incarcerations. During her second stint in prison for conspiracy to commit robbery, she met Marcelino through a pen pal program.

Marcelino’s Role

Marcelino Santiago, who found Brittany on, has been a steadfast supporter since her release. Their relationship quickly progressed, leading to marriage and the formation of a blended family, including Brittany’s son from a previous relationship and their two children together.

Marcelino Santiago

Relationship Development on the Show

Initial Stages

Their relationship was prominently featured in “Love After Lockup,” where viewers saw them navigate the complexities of post-incarceration life. The show accelerated their relationship milestones, including marriage, children, and homeownership, which Marcelino likened to a “high-speed bullet train”.

Challenges Faced

The couple faced numerous challenges, including trust and infidelity issues. Despite these hurdles, they worked hard to rebuild trust and maintain their relationship, often sharing their struggles and triumphs with the audience.

Recent Developments

Move to Florida

In a bid for a fresh start, Brittany and Marcelino moved from Las Vegas to Florida. Brittany focused on her real estate career, while Marcelino supported her endeavors. However, the move also highlighted underlying tensions, with Marcelino expressing dissatisfaction with life in Florida compared to Las Vegas.


In October 2022, Brittany discovered that Marcelino had cheated on her again, leading to their separation. Although they are not divorced, they no longer live together. They have embraced a co-parenting arrangement, prioritizing their children’s well-being.

Brittany’s New Life

Career and Personal Growth

Brittany has made significant strides in her professional life, becoming a licensed realtor in Nevada and starting her own cleaning business. She has also authored two memoirs, sharing her journey of overcoming adversity and addiction.

New Addition to the Family

Brittany recently introduced a new puppy, Lady, to her family, bringing joy and positivity to her household. She continues to share glimpses of her life and successes on social media, maintaining transparency with her followers.

Marcelino’s Perspective

Post-Separation Life

Marcelino has chosen a more private life post-separation. He has expressed gratitude for the positive changes in his life over the past few years but has opted out of filming for the “Love After Lockup: Where Are They Now” episodes. His current pursuits remain more guarded.

Brittany Santiago

The Strength Of Their Bond

The Strength of their Bond turns the spotlight on a love story that has captivated audiences worldwide. Brittany and Marcelino’s journey through “Love After Lockup” is a testament to their connection. Fans eagerly ask: Are they still together? Let’s delve into the resilience of their relationship amid life’s unpredictable whirlwinds.

Confronting External Pressures

Brittany and Marcelino faced challenges head-on. Outside forces constantly tested their union. Their story reveals how love can flourish against the odds. It shows us the power of two people united in purpose and passion.

  • Scrutiny from friends and family
  • Adjusting to life after incarceration
  • Public opinion shaped by reality TV

Maintaining Love In The Spotlight

Living in the public eye can strain any relationship. Brittany and Marcelino navigated their love life while millions watched. How did they keep their bond intact?

  1. Communication: They keep talking honestly.
  2. Privacy: They protect their intimate moments.
  3. Support: They stand by each other no matter what.

Support from their fans also plays a key role. Their genuine affection shines through every episode. It offers hope that authentic connections can survive, even under the brightest spotlights.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happened With Brittany And Marcelino?

Brittany and Marcelino, from the reality show “Love After Lockup,” faced ups and downs in their relationship but remained together, working through their challenges. They have expanded their family with additional children.

What Love After Lockup Couples Are Still Together?

As of the latest updates, Love After Lockup couples Brittany and Marcelino as well as Shawn and Sara are still together. Please note that relationship statuses can change rapidly, and it’s advisable to check the latest news for current updates.

Are Lacey And Shane Still Together?

As of my last update, Lacey and Shane from “Love After Lockup” have not confirmed the current status of their relationship. For the latest updates, please check their individual social media profiles or reliable entertainment news sources.

Are Kerok And Brittany Still Together?

As of my last update, there is no publicly available information confirming whether Kerok and Brittany are still together. Their relationship status may have changed, so it’s best to check their latest personal updates for current information.

Are Brittany And Marcelino Still Together?

Brittany and Marcelino are indeed still together, thriving in their relationship post ‘Love After Lockup. ‘


Brittany and Marcelino’s relationship has been a rollercoaster of love, challenges, and growth. While they are no longer together, their journey continues to inspire many. Both are focused on their paths and co-parenting their children, showcasing resilience and commitment to their family’s well-being.


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