Can Mother Be Jealous Of Her Daughter?

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Yes, a mother can be jealous of her daughter for various reasons, such as feeling overshadowed by her daughter’s successes or feeling competitive. The relationship between a mother and daughter is complex and can be influenced by emotions such as jealousy.

It’s important to understand the underlying dynamics and potential reasons for these feelings. We will explore the reasons why a mother may feel jealous of her daughter, the impact it can have on their relationship, and how to navigate and address these emotions healthily.

By exploring this sensitive topic, we can gain insights into the complexities of family dynamics and work towards fostering understanding and empathy within the mother-daughter relationship.

Different Forms Of Jealousy

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Jealousy is a complex emotion that can emerge in various relationships, including between mothers and daughters. While we often think of jealousy as something that only manifests in romantic or competitive situations, it is important to recognize that jealousy can also occur within familial bonds. In the context of a mother-daughter relationship, feelings of envy, inadequacy, and competition can sometimes arise. Let’s take a closer look at three distinct forms of jealousy that can occur between mothers and daughters: Sibling Jealousy, Friendship Jealousy, and Mother-Daughter Jealousy.

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Sibling Jealousy

Sibling rivalry is a common occurrence in many families, and jealousy between siblings can be a significant source of tension. When a mother observes one daughter receiving more attention, praise, or opportunities than another, feelings of jealousy may arise. This can lead to a strained relationship between both the mother and the daughters involved. It is important for mothers to foster a sense of equality and fairness in their interactions with their children, to ensure that feelings of jealousy are minimized and sibling relationships remain strong.

Friendship Jealousy

As daughters grow older, they start to develop their own social circles and friendships. In some instances, a mother may feel jealous of her daughter’s close friendships, particularly if the daughter is spending more time with her friends than with her family. This form of jealousy can stem from a fear of being replaced or feelings of insecurity about the mother-daughter bond. Mothers must encourage their daughters’ social interactions while maintaining open lines of communication so that any feelings of jealousy can be addressed and resolved.

Mother-daughter Jealousy

The most complex form of jealousy between mothers and daughters is when the mother feels envious or threatened by her daughter’s achievements or success. This type of jealousy often arises when the daughter achieves something that the mother desires or when the daughter surpasses the mother in a particular area of life. Mothers need to recognize and address any feelings of jealousy they may have, as it can strain the mother-daughter relationship and hinder the daughter’s growth. Open and honest communication is key in navigating this type of jealousy, allowing both parties to honor their emotions and find ways to support each other.

Factors Influencing Mother-daughter Jealousy

Mother-daughter jealousy can occur due to various factors, such as competition over attention, societal expectations, and feelings of insecurity. These dynamics can lead a mother to feel jealous of her daughter, although it is a complex and individualized experience. Understanding these influences can help navigate and address this kind of jealousy within the relationship.

Jealousy between a mother and daughter is a complex and often taboo topic. However, it is important to acknowledge that these feelings can arise due to various factors that impact their relationship. Understanding these factors can shed light on the dynamics of mother-daughter jealousy and how it can be addressed.

Insecurity And Self-esteem

Insecurity and low self-esteem play a significant role in fueling jealousy between mothers and daughters. When either party feels inadequate or lacks confidence, it can lead to a sense of competition and comparison. Insecurities about appearance, accomplishments, or relationships can exacerbate feelings of jealousy and strain the bond between mother and daughter.

Comparison And Competition

The natural tendency to compare and compete can contribute to jealousy within the mother-daughter relationship. Whether it’s in terms of achievements, relationships, or lifestyle, the urge to outdo one another can create tension and resentment. The constant comparison can breed negative emotions and erode the support and love that should define the maternal bond.


Favoritism within the family dynamic can breed jealousy, especially if one daughter perceives unequal treatment. When a mother shows apparent preference for one daughter over another, it can lead to feelings of inadequacy and resentment. This can result in a strained relationship between the mother and her daughters, creating a toxic environment for jealousy to thrive.

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Signs Of Mother’s Jealousy Towards Daughter

The jealousy between a mother and her daughter is a complex and sensitive issue, but it’s essential to understand the signs of a mother’s jealousy toward her daughter to address and resolve the underlying issues. Here are the key signs to be aware of:

Constant Criticism

Mothers who are jealous of their daughters may exhibit constant criticism, focusing on their daughter’s flaws and shortcomings rather than acknowledging their strengths. This behavior can lead to low self-esteem and self-doubt in the daughter, impacting their well-being and confidence.


Undermining the achievements of a daughter is another sign of a mother’s jealousy. A jealous mother may downplay or dismiss her daughter’s accomplishments, making her feel unappreciated and undervalued. This can create a persistent sense of inadequacy and hinder the daughter’s personal and professional growth.


An overly protective and controlling demeanor from a mother can also indicate jealousy towards her daughter. This behavior stems from a fear of the daughter’s independence, as the mother may feel threatened by her daughter’s potential success and happiness outside of the mother-daughter relationship.

Effects Of Jealousy On The Mother-daughter Relationship

Jealousy, a complex and powerful emotion, can sometimes make its way into the sacred bond between a mother and daughter. Although it may be challenging to imagine a mother being jealous of her flesh and blood, the truth is that this emotion can have detrimental effects on their relationship. From strained communication to a lack of trust and erosion of self-confidence, the impact of jealousy can be far-reaching and damaging. In this section, we will explore these effects in more detail, shedding light on the challenges faced by a mother and daughter who find themselves caught in the grip of jealousy.

Strained Communication

Jealousy has the potential to create a rift in communication between a mother and her daughter. In such situations, open and honest dialogue often becomes difficult, as jealousy can breed resentment and insecurity. The mother may find it hard to express her true feelings or offer support to her daughter, fearing that it may highlight her own perceived shortcomings. Likewise, the daughter might become hesitant to share her achievements or seek understanding from her mother, fearing it may further trigger her jealousy. This strained communication can lead to misunderstandings, bottling up of emotions, and the gradual deterioration of the mother-daughter bond.

Lack Of Trust

When jealousy permeates a mother-daughter relationship, trust can quickly dissipate. The mother, consumed by jealousy, may question her daughter’s intentions, suspecting her of seeking attention or intentionally flaunting her accomplishments. This lack of trust can lead to a constant state of vigilance, where the mother feels the need to monitor her daughter’s actions and make excessive demands. On the other hand, the daughter may feel betrayed by her mother’s doubting nature, causing her to withdraw emotionally and become guarded. Without trust as the foundation of their relationship, the mother and daughter struggle to maintain a healthy and nurturing connection.

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Erosion Of Self-confidence

Jealousy can leave lasting scars on a daughter’s self-confidence when her accomplishments are met with her mother’s envy. Rather than feeling supported and celebrated, the daughter is left questioning her worth and doubting her abilities. This erosion of self-confidence can impact various aspects of her life, including her relationships, career, and overall well-being. Additionally, the constant need for validation and approval from her mother can become a heavy burden, leading the daughter to feel inadequate and unworthy. As the mother’s jealousy continues to undermine her daughter, the once unbreakable bond between them weakens, making it challenging for both parties to find solace and understanding.

Addressing And Resolving Mother-daughter Jealousy

Jealousy, even between a mother and her daughter, is a complex and sometimes difficult emotion to navigate. However, it is important to understand that feeling jealous of your child is normal and doesn’t make you a bad parent. Acknowledging and addressing these feelings is the first step towards building a healthier relationship. In this section, we will explore three effective ways to address and resolve mother-daughter jealousy: open and honest communication, seeking professional help, and building empathy and understanding.

Open And Honest Communication

When it comes to dealing with mother-daughter jealousy, open and honest communication is key. Creating a safe space where both parties can express their feelings without fear of judgment or criticism is essential. It’s important to establish a non-confrontational environment where both the mother and daughter can share their thoughts and concerns without feeling blamed or attacking each other.

To foster open communication, it’s beneficial to use “I” statements, such as “I feel jealous when I see you achieving success,” instead of accusatory language. This approach helps to avoid blaming the other person and allows for a more productive conversation.

Furthermore, active listening is crucial during these conversations. Both the mother and daughter should make an effort to truly listen to each other’s perspectives and feelings. This involves giving each other undivided attention, maintaining eye contact, and providing verbal and non-verbal cues that show understanding and empathy.

Seeking Professional Help

In some cases, mother-daughter jealousy may be deeply rooted and require professional intervention. Seeking the help of a therapist or counselor who specializes in family dynamics can be immensely beneficial in resolving these complex emotions.

A professional can provide an unbiased perspective, help identify the underlying causes of the jealousy, and guide both the mother and daughter toward healthier coping mechanisms. They can offer guidance on how to effectively communicate, manage emotions, and establish boundaries within the mother-daughter relationship.

Building Empathy

Building empathy and understanding is a crucial step towards resolving mother-daughter jealousy. Both parties must make an effort to put themselves in each other’s shoes and try to see the situation from the other person’s perspective.

One effective way to build empathy is through open and non-judgmental discussions about each other’s experiences, dreams, and struggles. This helps to create a deeper understanding of what each person is going through and fosters a sense of compassion and empathy.

Additionally, practicing gratitude and celebrating each other’s achievements can help to mitigate feelings of jealousy. By focusing on the positive aspects of the mother-daughter relationship and supporting each other’s successes, both parties can begin to shift their mindset towards appreciation instead of comparison.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Mother Be Jealous Of Her Daughter?

Yes, a mother can experience feelings of jealousy towards her daughter, although it is not a common occurrence. Jealousy can stem from various factors such as societal pressure, competition, or unresolved personal issues.

What Causes Jealousy Between A Mother And Daughter?

Jealousy between a mother and daughter can be triggered by a range of reasons, including unfulfilled dreams, perceived favoritism, or fear of losing affection. Communication and understanding are essential to addressing these underlying causes.

How Can A Mother Deal With Jealousy Towards Her Daughter?

To address jealousy toward her daughter, a mother can practice self-reflection, seek therapy or counseling, and nurture open and honest communication with her daughter. Developing supportive family dynamics is crucial in overcoming these dynamics.

What Are The Effects Of Mother-daughter Jealousy?

Mother-daughter jealousy can result in strained relationships, emotional distress, and a negative impact on both individuals’ self-esteem. Recognizing and working towards resolving these feelings is vital for a healthier and happier relationship.

Can Jealousy In A Mother-daughter Relationship Be Overcome?

Yes, with effort and commitment, jealousy in a mother-daughter relationship can be resolved. Open communication, understanding, empathy, and seeking professional help if necessary, can facilitate healing and foster a healthier bond.


It is not uncommon for a mother to feel jealous of her daughter. This complex emotion can arise from a variety of factors, including societal pressures and personal insecurities. However, both mother and daughter need to communicate openly and seek support to navigate these feelings healthily and constructively.

By fostering a strong bond and understanding, it is possible to overcome jealousy and nurture a loving relationship between mother and daughter.


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