Frends Taylor Over The Ear Headphones Review

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I love the fun look and deep bass sound of Beats Audio headphones, but I’ve always felt that they were designed for DJs, which I am not. Most headphones that I try on are uncomfortable; they don’t fit well, they squish my ears or, for the ones that go in your ear, hurt relentlessly. My hair would get tangled, they would slide off my head, or worse, they wouldn’t deliver on sounds. The Frends Taylor over-the-ear headphones are made for women so they deliver on style, comfort and amazing sound.

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Frends Taylor Headphones Style & Sound

Frends Taylor’s over-the-ear headphones are made to be comfortable and to deliver premium acoustics. The headband has sealed internal adjustments so your hair never snags. The collapsable design lets you quickly and easily fold them to fit into your purse or wristlet and because the earpieces are padded with memory foam and handcrafted leather, they fit comfortably over your ears, even without pressure on your earrings.

Because Frends Taylor over-the-ear headphones are designed for women, they’re also styled like the ultimate accessory. A beautiful rose metal finish, inspired by jewelry, is matched only by the amazing acoustics of these headphones. They’ve been developed and tuned by the same manufacturers behind Dre and Monster but finely tuned for women, with strength in clarity, warmth and range instead of ear-shattering bass lines.

The Frends Taylor headphones have an amazing sound that, because of the comfort of the design, can be enjoyed for hours. Celebrities like Lauren Conrad and Kristen Stewart have been seen wearing them, but we’re not sure whether it’s for their sleek design or powerful sound. We love the feminine look with kick-ass sound and reasonable price, especially compared to their competitors. Plus, they’re backed by a lifetime guarantee!

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Purchase the Frends Taylor Over-the-Ear Headphones with this 10% off coupon and you’ll see why we’re a huge fan! You can get Frends Headphones at your local Best Buy Mobile Specialty store. To find a store near you visit them online.


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