Yummy Nummies Are Kitchen Magic For Kids

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Getting your kids to help in the kitchen is such a great idea on so many levels. They’re more likely to eat the foods they help prepare and it teaches them valuable lessons for today and in the future.

Yummy Nummies are not a food that they’ll have difficulty wanting to eat.  

After seeing Yummy Nummies at Blogger Bash this year, I knew it would be a product that my preschooler would love. I was even excited about giving it a try! 

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Yummy Nummies are candy, snack, and meal-making sets that come with everything you need to make no-bake mini foods! They’re much like the little desserts you’d make with your Easy Bake Oven, but without having to buy the oven.

These delicious little foods are designed to look and taste like the real thing. All food ingredients are made in the USA.

The sets come with everything you need to create, including the tiniest little measuring and mixing tools. 

They’re so simple to make and Ella and I had such a great time. We made Donut Delights in less than 10 minutes which is perfect because we know how short kids’ attention spans are. There was cake mix and frosting, as well as sprinkles we could use to decorate our donuts.

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You can find Yummy Nummies at most toy stores, Walmart and Amazon. There are nearly 15 different varieties of treats, from birthday cakes to hamburgers, so your kids can have fun creating, even on a rainy day.


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