Mother’s Day Breakfast Bed Checklist Ideas

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MOMS: If you’re reading this, please pass this along to your significant other – trust me, you’ll thank me later :-)

Hopefully by now, you’ve started making plans for your favorite mom, as Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 11. As a mom, I can tell you that we work hard, we’re often very selfless and think of our children and our significant other before ourselves, and we need a day off just as much as anyone else. What about breakfast in bed? Let mom sleep in and enjoy her day; a day that you’ll make relaxing by cooking and cleaning for her.

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Here are some ways that you can make mom feel special with breakfast in bed:

1. Make It Easy – find breakfast meals that are creative and different from what mom usually has, but are easy enough for you to make as to not cause any stress. Try making a few the night before – perhaps while she’s out with friends, per your request – to make it a fun, relaxing morning.

“Oh…I say bring it! Breakfast is my favorite-favorite meal of the day. But with anything, it needs to be made w/eating in bed in mind. Nice tray, magazines, hot coffee, simple breakfast. Is it Mother’s Day yet?” Rachel Hull at Roasted Beanz

2. Flowers – Make sure to include a nice bouquet of flowers – or better yet, a single flower that’s her favorite in a small vase, with breakfast. It will be a nice, considerate touch.

“I have [had breakfast in bed] and it was prepared by kiddos and looked god awful but tasted full of love. As for a gourmet meal in bed…..what I really want is to be left along in bed.” Lisa at Sweeties Freebies

3. A Helping Hand – let the kids help with breakfast. Nothing to complicated – perhaps adding water to the instant oatmeal or putting the flower in the vase. It will help them feel proud and, honestly, keep them out of trouble.

“…waking up to breakfast in the dining room would be a welcome treat and begin Mother’s Day the right way, especially if I could go back to bed afterwards and the clean up was handled.” KathleenKL of My Best Of Both Worlds

4. Best Foot Forward – Use your finest china and silverware to make mom feel really special on her day. She’s worth it.

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5. Let Her Relax – Include her favorite magazine or the newspaper, hand her the remote, and take the kids with you as you clean the kitchen, vacuum the house, or whatever else you can do to let her realize that she has no reason to get out of bed until she’s ready!

“I would totally appreciate it, as it would show my husband’s/kids’ respect and appreciation for me. And it’s so nice when I don’t have to prepare breakfast for anyone, not even myself!!” — Kecia H“

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