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In our Lucky & Me review, we look at underwear made for kids that is soft, comfortable and has a charming look that traditional underwear doesn’t offer, making them ideal as Christmas gifts or as milestone rewards.

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Potty training our toddler has been a tough road. She’s very stubborn – who knows where she gets that from! – and we’ve had to rely heavily on rewarding her to encourage her to use the restroom. We found that, since she’s turning into such a little clothing diva, she likes the idea of wearing pretty little underwear once she no longer needs to wear diapers.

Most of the underwear we were finding featured her favorite characters but were stiff, uncomfortable and scratchy – they didn’t seem like much of a reward, for sure. We found adorable, lady-like, and comfortably soft cami tops, tank tops and panties from Lucky & Me!

“With a background in the fashion industry, I set out to create a company that would redefine children’s underwear– by making it fashionable and fun for kids to wear. The result became a luxurious fabric that’s super-soft and smooth to the touch.” – Rochelle, creator of Lucky & Me

Lucky & Me products feature fresh, playful designs, with charming details like lace trims and bows, and tagless so they’re more comfortable for little one’s skin. Their products are available in sizes 2T through 5T for girls and boys and are easily mixed and matched to suit your child’s favorite colors and designs.

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Lucky & Me girl’s leggings are perfect for under a skirt to stretch their wardrobe into fall and spring or to layer under their pants for winter or chilly fall evenings. Their bike shorts are perfect for under skirts when they get to that age where jumping and flipping in their skirts is their favorite thing to do. Our daughter is at this stage now and we could never figure out what to do that would be appropriate and pretty.


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